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Circus Skills Workshops
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Mr Dan circus shows love  celebrating school occasions with you. With a circus party filled van jam packed with equipment,  Mr Dan will perform a variety of skilful circus tricks, balloon modelling and circus comedy to make your event memorable.    Mr Dan has performed many circus shows for nursery leavers and even year six leavers parties .  Mr Dan has performed walk about style circus skills such as large stilts, juggling, balloon modelling and unicycling at school gala days and at school Christmas treats.

The Mr Dan Circus Shows Includes


mr dan school shows

  • Silly Bikes
  • A Balloon Modelling Prize
  • Plate Spinning
  • Circus Balances
  • Diabolo
  • Silly Ball and Club Juggling
  • The Giant Red Circus Ball
  • The use of the audience to help with silly circus tricks

Punch and Judy

mr dan punch and judy show

Mr Dan also has a smart Punch and Judy show suitable for school events.   After the Punch and Judy show, Mr Dan can also provide an educational talk with a question and answer session about the history and techniques of Punch and Judy.

Did you know Punch and Judy was first recorded in the historical Samuel Peeps’s diary, where it was recorded to be seen on the streets of London’s Covent garden on the 9th of May 1662, which  is Mr Dan’s birthday, although he was born centuries later!

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