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Circus Skills Workshops
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Circus Skills

The circus skills  I teach:

circus skills doncaster


Throwing and catching balls, clubs, rings or scarves

Tightrope Walking.

Balancing on a steel tight wire.  I bring one to work with me!

Plate Spinning.

Spinning a rubber trainer circus plate and performing tricks with the spinnng plate.


How high can you throw and catch the circus diabolo?


Plantpot stilts, hand held stilts and strap on stilts.

Flower sticks.

The learnere has two handsticks and a stunt or flower stick and they have to keep it in the air.


Learning to ride a one wheel bike.

Clowning around.

Physical comedy.

Pedal Wheels.

A balancing activity with six wheels.

Object balancing.

Balancing a feather on the hand or on the chin.

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